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Search cheap flights and hotels – find the most sustainable flights and eco-labeled hotels!

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Compare prices among leading airlines, travel sites and low cost carriers.

Search and compare best airfares with glooby

Why glooby?

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Super search

Glooby collects prices from a variety of airlines, travel sites and low cost carriers to find the best flight tickets. We direct you for free to the companies that sell them.

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Fair prices

Our cheap prices already include all the taxes and fees. The price you see in the search results is exactly the same as the final price you’ll pay.

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We show indications of the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labeled hotels and come recommended by The Guardian, USA Today and TheStreet.

Glooby was created to help you find
the best trip, at all aspects

Glooby is a travel search engine that enables users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets and hotels, while indicating the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labeled hotels. We search among a variety of travel agencies, airlines and booking sites and show you all the information you need to make better travel decisions. Each day we process queries for travel information from responsible travelers looking for the cheapest and most sustainable trips – welcome to glooby!

More about glooby

Compare prices on airline tickets and find
the most sustainable flight

With just one click glooby search deals from the leading airlines, travel agencies and booking sites to find the most sustainable flights to the best prices. Simply enter where you want to go and which dates, and let our search engine help you compare prices on airline tickets. Simply compare flights and see which airline ticket is the cheapest, quickest and most eco- friendly. Refine your search results by simply filter by price, travel time, carbon emissions and much more. Let glooby help you find the cheapest flight! Once you have found the best airline ticket on glooby, we refer you to the booking site where you can control, review and complete your booking you found on glooby.

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